Days in the wild create peace of mind like nothing else

Overnight Adventures in the North

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Lapland is known to be land of nomads and that gives us a solid spiritual base for our longer tours. On our tours the nomad spirit is vibrant and alive in each of us individually and in our actions as a group. Most of the time phone connections are out of our reach. We move with respect to all that surrounds us and are in touch with the soul of the land. We camp with leave no trace in mind. Along the way we look for places and nature formations that have been holy in the past and as we witness them they are today.

Trail Tailor provides memorable journeys through wilderness year around in the North. Every tour is different because nature, time and people are never the same.


Detailed description about our Overnight Adventures on the site soon.

Lynx Ski & Snowshoe Adventure in the Wild Lapland

North of Lapland, Finland


Price from 1500 €

Journeying through frozen landscapes where time and place lose their meaning and earth and sky become one. It's you and your pulka travelling in the middle of nowhere and exactly in the place you need to be. Trail Tailor offers two skiing tours in Lapland winter 2019. One in March and one in April. Stay tuned for more information. Longer snowshoe adventures by request for private groups.


North of Lapland, Finland and Norway


Price from 2000 €

Reindeer historically migrated from the fells of Lapland all the way to Norway to the Arctic Sea every spring. On this tour we will adventure our way from Finnish Lapland over the Norwegian border and dipping our feet or swimming in the Arctic Sea. Once in a lifetime experience that takes us through amazing sceneries and shows that borders are to be crossed for greater good. More details soon!

Reindeer Migration Adventure
Wild Caribou - The Best Trails of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, Lapland, Finland


Price 1250 €

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is legendary area in Finland. It's our  first national park and  our first marked hiking route Hetta Pallas can be found from the park. It is also becoming a mekka for mountain bikers for wonderful year around biking opportunities.  Landscapes are breathtaking at best spots and trails vary from very challenging to silky smooth and everything in between. On this tour we naturally ride the best trails in the park and touch the soul of the area by visiting special places and locals along the route.