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Short and Sweet  Adventures in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

All year around

Trail Tailor organizes short adventures in Pallas-Ylläs National Park. We offer fatbike tours, snowshoeing tours, OAC skinbased skiing tours and crosscountry skiing tours through pure and exciting arctic winter landscapes. Our short tours take you on adventures to the best spots around Pallas-Ylläs National Park. Being local we know where to take you.

2-3 hour tours

Wild Weasel Half Day Adventure

Night Owl - Adventure in dark and enchanted nature

4-6 hour tours

Otter All Day Adventure

Overnight winter camping tours

Fox's Tail Overnight Camping Adventure 1 night

Wolverine Nature Escape 2 nights

Trail Tailor 3 hour to 1 - 2 night adventures are a great way to learn skills, enjoy nature and get a taste of what being in wilderness feels like and what kind of opportunities it offers us.
They are also a taster before the longer tours to see if this is something you really like and want to explore more. Best feedback after our Short and Sweet tour is : "This was awesome! How can I do more of this?"​

Tours are named after animals that live in the North - during the trips we talk about how these animals live in the arctic and for a moment imagine being them and do things like they would.

Wild Weasel Half Day Adventure

Ylläs, Lapland, Finland


from 75 €

This short and sweet half day adventure takes you directly to explore the beauty around Ylläs area. Wild weasel adventure options include snowshoeing, fatbiking or skin-based skis. Pick the one that interests you the most and we will go out and have good times in nature together.

Night Owl - Adventure in dark and enchanted nature

Ylläs, Lapland, Finland


from 75 €

Imagine being in a dark forest with light and seeing interesting natural sculptures surrounding you. Then switch off your light and start seeing  shapes to form again. Going snowshoeing or riding a fatbike in dark enchanted forest is an experience to go for. There might even be stars or northern lights in the sky if we get lucky. During the night owl you are very likely to feel like a child again.

Ylläs, Lapland, Finland


from 130 €

A day of winter heaven as we know it best. Uphills, downhills, winding snowy trails and varied terrain. If you have sweet tooth for an active day in the middle of snowy landscapes -go ahead and book your place! Duration 4-6 hrs. Otter All Day is suitable for people in good physical condition, since we are active for the whole day.

Otter All Day Adventure
Fox's Tail Overnight Camping Adventure

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, Finland


250 €

Fox's Tail Overnight Adventure takes you into the heart of wilderness to sleep in a tent or maybe even under a tree or in a snow cave. Together we ski, fatbike or snowshoe to a place where we plan to camp, prepare our campsite for the night and make dinner together by open fire. In the morning we have breakfast, clear the camp and adventure back to village. This is a great opportunity to become familiar with winter camping and learn new skills in nature.

Wolverine Nature Escape

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, FI


Price 430

Wolverine Nature Escape takes us to nature for two days and nights. We travel with fatbikes, skis or snowshoes to a lovely spot to build our basecamp. The basecamp will be our place to cook, eat, play and sleep. From there it's easy for us to explore the surrounding areas and enjoy our quality time in the wild. Sleeping options include tent, under a tree or stars and maybe even an igloo if conditions are good and we want to build one.

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