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New adventure awaits you in mystical Lapland

Tuija Laitakari  

Wilderness guide, yoga teacher, nature enthusiast and always ready for new adventures

Motto: Let's do it!

Favorite color: Green

Favorite time of year: Now

Power animal: Wolf

Favorite dessert(s): Lemon meringue  pie, salmiakki and anything chocolate 

Motivation: Teaching new skills
-seeing people try and learn something new is very inspiring 

Favorite place to sleep: under a healing tree

I love travelling, meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds and exploring wilderness. My first hike took place in Yosemite, US when I was 18. I fell in love with the great outdoors immediately. Since then trekking, kayaking, biketouring and skitouring have been an essential part of my wellbeing.  Multi-day outings just bring out the best of me. Out and about there’s no need to stress what’s happening at home, work, socially, think what to buy from the shop or be active in social media - just jump into a lake and wow, how fresh you feel! All there is, is the moment and  time to be. A place where small things matter and food tastes better. It’s also a place where worries lose their meaning, things fall into place naturally, where you will overcome barriers and empower yourself safely.

The idea to start my own company came about in 2014 when I hiked solo across the bush of South Island in New Zealand. Over 1400 km of tramping, nurturing and strengthening my nature connection and realizing it was what I wanted to do with my life - take people to nature to find their own connection. After few years of travelling and living abroad I moved back to Finland and started wilderness guide studies in Lapland. I also did a wonderful Yoga teacher training in Spain. The yin and yang - balance with adventure and nurturing - in my mind a winning combination especially in the middle of wild nature.

Lapland has been my home for well over 10 years. While working for hotels, regional marketing, national park and as a manager in golf clubs, I did nature excursions and longer hikes all along. After moving back to Finland from hot but beautiful Australia, I knew that North with real winters, ever changing seasons and large wilderness areas is the place where I want to be guiding. North is where my soul belongs. Nature here is very powerful, wise and old. So is the culture.

As a guide your safety is a priority to me. I won't take clients to places that are unsafe or not appropriate to be. I might gently push you to reach beyond your comfort to something new, but that only happens when I see you have  an urge to do that too.

The reason I started Trail Tailor is to share this rewarding and exciting place with you. I warmly welcome you to explore the mythical North, the land of extremes with Trail Tailor and shout out loud woo-hoo!

Nature is my passion. Sharing the joy with 

others - is truly inspiring!

Trail Tailor, Iso-Ylläksentie 1,
95980 Ylläsjärvi, Finland

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