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We are using the time of corona to explore new ideas and areas in North for future adventures. We will also renew the site design during these times. Stay safe and hope to see you adventuring with us in near future!

Tuija, entrepreneur and head guide

Are you looking for recovery and nurturing in arctic nature - something that takes you into another place and time, ready to step out of your comfort zone or craving for multi-day wild adventure? Trail Tailor takes you safely to explore vast wilderness areas in the North! 

When you choose Trail Tailor as your guide you are guaranteed with

  • Small group sizes from one to six people - Private groups available on request

  • Personalized experience - Our trips are unique and you make it even more unique! Everyone is an active participant on our tours learning wilderness skills along the way

  • Local knowledge about nature, seasons, best trails, routes, mythology - where to go and when, how to get there, stories about culture and life in the North are an essential part of our trips

  • Feeling happy and recharged

Tell us what kind of adventures you'd love to experience in North and we'll make it happen!

adventures in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park
Multi-day adventures in Lapland and Northern Norway
Tailor-made adventures in North

From Short Escapes to 10-day Adventures

AUTUMN 2021 in Ylläs Lapland

Ylläs MTB Week tulee jälleen!
Syyskuun 10.-14.9.2021 poljetaan Ylläksen ja Pallas-Yllästunturin kansallispuiston parhaita polkuja hyvässä porukassa, saunotaan, uidaan ja nautitaan yhteisistä ruokahetkistä maastossa ja kämpillä! Luvassa 5 päivää maastopyöräilyiloa aidoimmillaan Pohjoismaiden parhaaksi valitussa ulkoilukohteessa!


Majoitus savottakämpissä ja leiriytyen. Hintaan sisältyy opastus, majoitus, ruoat sekä kuljetukset ohjelman mukaan. Henkilökohtaiset välineet ja vakuutus eivät sisälly hintaan. Hinta 675 euroa / hlö.

Osallistujamäärä 2-10 henkilöä. 

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Ski expedetion in Lapland wilderness
Snowshoeing in Äkäskero, Ylläs
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North of Lapland, Finland, Norway, Sweden


Northern Norway

Mountain biking in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, best trails in Lapland
Yoga in wilderness
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North of Finland

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Norway and Finland

Fatbiking in Ylläs
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Pallas-Yllästunturi NP, Fi

Tailor-made tour in Lapland
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Finland, Sweden, Norway

Wild berries in Lapland

Why in nature?

If you were asked to name a place where you feel happier and at peace - would you say nature? Many of us would and science has proven it to be good for us all. Going to nature is like going home.

Research shows being in nature increases pleasant feelings, reduces anger, fear and stress.

In nature we feel better emotionally and physically. It lowers our blood pressure, heart rate, tensions of the body and the production of stress hormones.

We are also known to be more active and creative in nature. As humankind we are part of nature, which we sometimes forget. On Trail Tailor adventures nature is home to us - where we belong.

Winter fatbiking in Ylläs

Why with Trail Tailor?

Imagine being in a forest relaxed by fire, holding a cup of hot drink in your hands after a delicious meal. Mesmerized by the dancing flames and reflecting on your adventure from today. A special moment. Another such moment is opening your eyes in the morning inside your sleeping back and wondering what today will bring, then smiling because you know it will be fun. With Trail Tailor those small moments make all the difference. You feel alive, accepted, excited and you belong.

On our trips the kilometers, calories burned, heart rate monitors and army like schedules play no role. We go with ebb and flow of nature and make sure everyone will learn, get to explore and enjoy being up North.

Why to Lapland?

Did you know there are more reindeer in Lapland than people? Or the air quality is measured to be the cleanest in the world? Could you imagine drinking water directly from the creeks without purifying it first? Well, here you can!

Lapland's arctic location and vast wilderness areas make it an ideal place to come and unwind. In Lapland you can be in tune with nature and yourself, be surrounded by silence and get perspective to your everyday life. Things will find their natural place and pace and comfort your soul.

Nature in Lapland contains superpowers - and so will you if you are ready to experience Lapland with an open heart. 


Explore, Experience & Discover


"We set off for our overnight biking trip with Tuija in late October on a clear cool morning, a perfect day to set out.  Our bags had been picked up the night before, so we only needed to take small rucksacks with snacks and drinks for the day.  


After introductions, safety checks and a run through of the plan for the day, we set off at a good pace, and were quickly climbing up a fell to get some incredible views and some great pictures at the top.  From there we descended to our lunch stop in a kota, where we had hot drinks and snacks before setting off again towards our night stop. 


The terrain was varied all the way, and it it was a lot of fun using fat-bikes in conditions that would be impossible for a regular bike. 


Finally, we reached our overnight stop and everyone mucked-in pitching the tent and preparing a hot dinner.  After a day of cycling and eating outdoors, we were all soon sleeping soundly in the large comfortable tent. 


In the morning, we woke up to find that some snow had arrived, and more was arriving fast!  We packed the tent up and cleared our camp site, then set off on the return journey.  This time, on snowy ground the challenges were completely different, but just as much fun, especially the long fast descent back to Äkäslompolo village. 


All in all, it was a really enjoyable and memorable trip, giving us a great introduction to a new sport with a real enthusiast.  As an extra bonus, we had Tuija's friendly dog Evita looking after us all the time, continually trying to keep us all together by running back to encourage anyone falling behind.  Thoroughly recommended as a great way to explore the amazing Lapland nature, even if you don't manage to experience summer and winter in the same trip. "


"I keep vivid memories from my four days winter experience with guide Tuija Laitakari in Kolari, North Finland.

Tuija is a local guide, she is very experienced in Nordic conditions, welcoming customers according to abilities and wishes.

She picked me up at the airport. The housing conditions were excellent.
Here my list: 10km altai cross-country skiing on arrival afternoon, one immersive night at -20C (I slept 12 hours in double sleeping bag!), snowshoeing upward the hill, fat bike, great meals, heart minded music, daily meditation ... the lucky invitation to Aurora borealis.

Let's rejoice, see Tuija at dusk lighting up the wood fire in the snowy wild, let's cook those bananas chipped with chocolate bits!"



The Jewel in the crown for our whole visit was our guide Tuija. She was so friendly, welcoming and accommodating from the minute we met her. It soon became apparent that she was a highly experienced and knowledgeable guide, who went above and beyond to ensure our Finnish experience was perfect. She played joyfully in the snow, teaching our children to toboggan, ice fish and snowshoe, and through her local knowledge of weather and location, guided us to see the northern lights. Spectacular!


Thank you Elina and Gareth for doing all the background work to prepare for our holiday. And thank you Tuija for making our visit to Lapland even more wonderful than we hoped it would be.


Stop, Breathe & Feel